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  1. I would like to know whether individuals with strong desire to protect environment can become a part of your organization.

    I am at present a resident of Coimbatore working in a BPO. I have trekked in most of the Nilgiris for the past 18 years. I would like to contribute in some worthwhile manner to the continuation of NBR.

  2. bravo nbr alliance,
    ur fight against the proposed inop project is a great contribution to the protection of flora, fauna, the tribal people, and the aesthetic beauty of the place,
    being a resident of nilgiris and a wildlife biologists by profession, i can feel the immense damage that such a project can have on the fragile ecosystem,
    pls make your appeal more stronger, by making PIL’s and increasing awareness among local people etc.,

  3. What is the update on the INO project coming up in the heart of the forest reserve?

  4. Dear Jyothi,
    We have no new information on the progress of the project. The INO team is still working on getting a few more statutory clearances from the Forest Department as far as we know.
    We have still not been able to get a copy of the Environment Impact Assesment.
    NBR Alliance

  5. A reliable source says that one can get a copy of the Environment Impact Assessment using RTI Act directly from the body who gave the environmental clearance (in this case from the central board, I think) to this project who should also be having the same.


  6. #

    “It is well accepted that isolated areas, set aside for preservation amongst surrounding areas of urban growth or agricultural activity. As the climate changes, these nature reserves will be subject to unprecedented pressure. Only in areas with connecting corridors will species be able to migrate”. This establishes the importance of corridor between forests. If the corridors are altered it will have profound effect on life living there due to its sensitivity. Which can very well be compared to the slight alteration in railway track unknown to the approaching train. Like elephant these corridors pertains to every life living in these forests. These natural courses have taken long periods of evolution to establish themselves. Sacrificing them for a mere small project which further don’t have any validity is not a wise decision.

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